High Performance, Zero Energy Ready Homes for the 21st Century

Specializing in High Performance building practices since 1972, R.H. Irving is one of New Hampshire’s most experienced home builders. We are skilled in a wide variety of energy efficient and sustainable construction techniques, including high performance construction, super insulation, triple glazed windows, air sealing, heat recovery ventilation systems, designs that utilize natural daylight and passive solar heat, panelized stick framing, and post & beam construction.

Our high performance building practices result in unparalleled comfort, healthy indoor air quality, low heating costs, and long term affordability. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to build truly energy efficient, comfortable,
affordable homes that are enjoyable to live in.”

Our Credentials

A leaky house is a drafty house! The tightness of the home envelope is the best single evidence of an Energy Efficient home – keep the heat you make inside the home, rather than sending that heat outside.

The International Residential Building Code recommends 3 Air Changes Per Hour at 50 Pascals – (3 ACH50) Pascals being a measure of air movement, and 50 ACH being approximately equivalent to a 30 mile per hour wind against the building.

NH State Building Code has, at the insistence of the NH Homebuilders Association, kept the NH Standard at 7 ACH50 – which is a leaky, drafty house.

Since 2010, our highest rating has been 1.5 ACH50; most have been under 1 ACH50; three have been below the Passive House recommendation of .6 ACH50

All our homes have Balanced Ventilation Systems – we bring in fresh air and exhaust stale air.

We are proud of these recognitions:

  • First Prize in the 2017 NH SAVES contest, part of Energy Star, for the lowest HERS score in the State of NH.
  • Third Prize in the same contest for a home built in 2019.
  • Certified Passive House Consultant through the Passive House Institute US. – 2009,(The second US training by PHIUS)
  • Two time Statewide winner of Best Home in the price range through the NH Chapter of the National Association of Homebuilders
  • National Association of Homebuilders Certified Green BuilderNational Association of Homebuilders Certified Graduate Builder
  • Our work has been featured in New Hampshire Profiles, in building trade publications, and on Good Morning America.

Our History

What began as a barn and home remodeling business in 1972 evolved within a few years to a business that specialized in building timber frame homes. From the late 70s through the 80s, we built over fifty super insulated timber frame homes, most of which we enclosed with stress skin panels (SIP’s).

We turned to standard “stick” construction in the late 80s when we found that the market for true energy efficient construction had all but disappeared, but continued to build houses that were correctly oriented and brought sunlight into the living areas. Now, after thirty years of market forces and government policies encouraging builders to ignore climate change and green building practices, energy conservation is back in the forefront. People are once again asking for energy efficient and passive solar homes, and our expertise in this area is once again in high demand.

Since buildings use over 40% of energy consumed in this country, homebuilders have a unique opportunity to contribute to reducing our fuel usage by utilizing proven techniques to make houses more energy efficient. By doing so the house becomes more comfortable and easier and more affordable to maintain. Every efficiency improvement implemented today reduces the amount of energy needed tomorrow.

“Passive House” construction is the highest building standard in the world. This fast growing movement is a scientific approach used to build ultra low-energy homes. Since 2010, al our homes have used Passive House techniques with a slightly more conservative approach to insulation values. We have called these “Net Zero Ready” Homes; a Maine builders suggested these homes be called the “Pretty Good Home”.

Well over half of these all-electric homes we’ve built since 2010, where the Owners have installed 4-9 Kw of solar panels, have electric bills that consist solely of the “Delivery Charge” for 12 months of the year – in other words, all of their utilities – heat, AC, ventilation, plug loads, lights, energy to run their appliances – are under $250 PER YEAR. This is a Net Zero House.

Who We Are

Bob Irving is a graduate of Boston University who has been building custom homes for nearly fifty years. We’ve built traditional and contemporary designs, timber frames and “stick” frames. We are widely known and respected in New Hampshire, having built dozens of homes in a wide variety of designs all over the state and around New England.

Design Build

Our designs do not reflect the trend of the year, but are timeless and capture traditional styles. We can help you
design or modify a design you like so that it fits your needs and 
your budget. Or we can work with plans from your architect or designer.