What began as a barn and home remodeling business in 1972 evolved within a few years to a business that specialized in building timber frame homes. From the late 70s through the 80s, we built over fifty super insulated timber frame homes, most of which we enclosed with stress skin panels (SIP’s).

2001-2 Concord Colonials (9)We turned to standard “stick” construction in the late 80s when we found that the market for true energy efficient construction had all but disappeared, but continued to build houses that were correctly oriented and brought sunlight into the living areas. Now, after thirty years of market forces and government policies encouraging builders to ignore climate change and green building practices, energy conservation is back in the forefront. People are once again asking for energy efficient and passive solar homes, and our expertise in this area is once again in high demand.

Since buildings use over 40% of energy consumed in this country, homebuilders have a unique opportunity to contribute to reducing our fuel usage by utilizing proven techniques to make houses more energy efficient. By doing so the house becomes more comfortable and easier and more affordable to maintain. Every efficiency improvement implemented today reduces the amount of energy needed tomorrow.

“Passive House” construction is one method of getting there. This fast growing movement is a scientific approach used to build ultra low-energy homes.

Who We Are

2001-2 Concord Colonials (10)Bob Irving is a graduate of Boston University who has been building custom homes for over thirty years. We’ve built traditional and contemporary designs, timber frames and “stick” frames. We are widely known and respected in New Hampshire, having built dozens of passive solar and energy efficient homes in a wide variety of designs all over the state and around New England.

In the past few years we have attended numerous professional seminars on Green Building, the LEED and NAHB Green Home programs, SIPS construction, Zero Energy Homes, and Passive House techniques.

Design Build

Our designs do not reflect the trend of the year, but are timeless and capture traditional styles. We can help you design or modify a design you like so that it fits your needs and your budget. Or we can work with plans from your architect or designer.