At R.H. Irving Homebuilders, we place the highest value on getting you into your dream home. We believe you deserve to have your needs met and your dream home delivered at an affordable price. Our goal is to work with you throughout the process to find the perfect home that fits your specific demands and desires, all the while considering long-term costs and economy.

Kaplan Thompson Architects, designers of the BrightBuilt line of homes, believe in the “Not So Big Ego,” a separation from the typical view of the architect as sage and the sole creator of another’s space. The best solution will be a direct result of the collaboration among all parties involved. Specially, when we are able to combine your aspirations and input with our experience and expertise, the final product will be a comfortable home that is custom-tailored to fit your lifestyle. We are sure that the process of getting your dream home will be fun, collaborative and stress-free.

Welcome to the BrightBuilt family!

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