Options Abound!
You have the freedom to decide on the arrangement of rooms, windows, entries, stairways, exterior details, and more, as you consider how you will live in your new BrightBuilt Home.

Any of the base models can be altered to suit your needs, provided all changes remain within the designed perimeter footprint. Windows and doors can be shifted, added, or subtracted, as long as the performance of the home is not negatively impacted. Truly, a great deal can be changed while retaining the look, performance, and functionality of your own personal BrightBuilt Home.

When it comes to finishes, the world is your oyster! Virtually all finishes and details can be incorporated into your modular BrightBuilt Home. While all finishes must comply with our low-VOC requirements, and fixtures must be energy-star rated, the options available for realizing exactly the look and feel of your new home are veritably limitless.

Decks and Structures
Your home does not stop at the door threshold. We want to ensure you have the outdoor rooms and spaces that you want, to best live in, around, and with your home. Front entries, screened porches, and back decks can be tailored to your needs and wants.

Every design can incorporate a garage. The homeowner may opt to attach the garage, or leave it free-standing. It is also possible to plan for the later addition of a garage, if the homeowner thinks that might be of interest down the road. Our builder partners may choose to site-build the garage, or have it built as a modular component, depending upon the overall footprint and entry requirements for the garage. Additional pricing would reflect these considerations, and can be included in the initial estimates for the focused pricing of the project.