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We are dedicated to environmentally sustainable and healthy construction and we incorporate these principles into every step of our build process.

What Does Green/Sustainable Mean?

Basically, these terms refer to the use of natural resources that are replaceable, that don’t damage our environment and that don’t make people sick. Many of today’s health problems come from or are aggravated by poor indoor air quality and exposure to toxic substances released through commonly used building techniques and products. Green products and methods are designed to minimize or eliminate these problems.

Our construction techniques are determined by building science and proven methods, not “because we have always done it that way.”


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The primary green component of our homes is the high efficiency we attain through the use of extra insulation and attention to detail throughout the process. Air sealing goes hand in hand with good insulation to provide a comfortable home. We also employ heat recovery ventilation exhaust from kitchen and baths, and tempered fresh air ventilation to living areas. Lighting is designed to use efficient fixtures and bulbs.

Proven Results

Every home we build is tested with a “blower door” which determines the tightness of construction sealing by measuring the amount of air infiltration, a critical component of energy efficiency. The comments of clients who have lived in the homes we’ve built are testimony to our ability to deliver a quality home.



Panelized Stick Framing

Interior and exterior walls, rafters, gables and floor systems are cut and assembled into panels in a controlled environment and assembled on site. This saves lumber normally damaged by rain or snow, totally eliminating 85% of wood scraps created in on-site building and reduces on site framing time by up to 80%.

Construction Lumber

We use beams, floor joists, subfloors and sheathing made of sustainable lumber supplies.

Post and Beam Framing

We are pleased to be associated with Brooks Post and Beam, one of the oldest and most respected timber framing companies in New England. Phil Brooks invented one of the first computer aided milling machines in the timber frame industry as well as a unique method of mortise and tenon joinery. Our partnership enables us to offer their unique blend of technology and old-world craftsmanship to our clients. Enclosing the frames with SIPS allow us to insulate these homes to the same high level of efficiency we use in all our projects.


We use only Low VOC paints and sealants.


Our primary insulation is cellulose, made from recycled newsprint along with selective use of spray foam and sheet foam.

ICFs / SIPS / Geothermal

These products and techniques are valuable additions to home construction methods, but rather than use a “one size fits all” approach, we use the building methods that will work best with your project and your budget.